Interesting things to know about Alicante airport

Alicante Airport is the sixth largest airport in Spain and the gateway to the Costa Blanca resort region. Thus, many tourists need a fast and affordable way to get from this important airport to the nearby cities. The most popular of these cities are Benidorm, Calpe and Denia.

Although there is no train available from the Alicante Airport, guests have other options and don’t need to worry that they won’t get to their destination in time.

  1. Buses

There are several public buses that travel to all the major cities. They represent the cheapest option and probably the most efficient one.

A direct ride from the airport to the city of Benidorm takes approximately one hour and costs just 8 Euros.

A ride to Calpe is longer (90-120 minutes), because you have to change buses at Benidorm’s bus station, but the price difference is very small (8.10 Euros).

There is also a different route, which passed through Downtown Alicante. From the central bus station, you can take another bus to any of the other cities in the region of Costa Blanca. This option costs 10 Euros, and the ride lasts between 90 and 150 minutes, depending on your destination.

Unfortunately, there is no official direct route from the airport to Denia, but this can change in the future.

2. Taxis

Taxis are always the quickest and most comfortable option, because you don’t have to share your ride with other people and you don’t have to stop along the way. Unfortunately, it is much more expensive.

It takes 45 minutes to get to Benidorm or Calpe, and about 75 minutes to get to Denia. The cost depends on the final destination, but be prepared to pay 70-90 Euros for Benidorm and Calpe, and as much as 130 Euros for Denia.

  1. Private transfer

There are several private companies that offer shuttle bus rides from Alicante Airport to the nearby cities. Although the prices are higher than the ones for public buses, this option is getting popular thanks to its flexibility and high frequency of rides.

The most usual fare for private shuttle buses is 15 Euros, but large groups of people will usually find special discount offers.

  1. Car rental

This option, although the most expensive, offers you a great amount of flexibility, because you don’t have to depend on timetables and taxi drivers. Instead, you make your own schedule and choose your own route to get from point A to point B, and it’s the perfect choice for those who really love driving and exploring a new city by themselves.

In the end, the most important thing is getting to your destination safely and enjoying your vacation, or making the most out of your business trip. So as a rule of thumb, try to pay attention to the signs on the different means of transportation, so that you don’t get lost, and try to avoid scams, like fake taxis, that usually overcharge you.